2009 Chungwoo steel, wire rope factory in the new production

2009 all-weather steel, wire rope factory in the new production

Production operation in April next year … During operation 月 3,500 tons standard and kind of product diversification system diversification Memorandum-weather steel wire rope manufacturer (NYSE joseongtaek) Yangsan in the re-hard steel wire products including wire rope manufacturing plant is established.

The company late last year, 20,000 in Yangsan Yes sangeup deokgyedong 38 ㎡ construction of the plant site , and laid the first half of the conclusion of a recent facility to order said.

Shop for new joseongtaek representative ” through the new facility by mid-to large-sized product specifications and production standards diversify the type of market diversification and new customers will also be able to obtain ,” said ” at the time of rising economic capacity expansion to obtain a synergistic effect and wire rod sector will also help new markets , “he said.

The company in January next year, building factories and parts for construction machinery , such as finalizing twisted group embarked on a trial run , in April plans to go into normal operation . Deokgye due to factory construction Nogsan headquartered in Busan and Yangsan sojudong jujindong leave the factory all-weather steel in factories overseas , including Vietnam, where all seven of the production plant was to hold .

Once established in factory -weather steel wire rope monthly production capacity of 2500-3500 tons , stainless steel wire rope, Expanded and 150-300 tons of special steel wire products simultaneously can produce 2000 tons of new production capacity to secure is expected .

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